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Stupid Second Interview Mistakes: Being Too Casual

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Here’s a dopey mistake people make on second interviews, third interviews and final interviews.


I wanted to talk with you about 1 of the stupid interview mistakes that happens more on 2nd and 3rd interviews than it would on a 1st interview. The nature of the mistake is acting too casually with the interviewer. You gotten comfortable; you've gotten involved with the conversation with this firm, the 1st time through. You met 2 or 3 people; they invited you back and now you're feeling really good. You started to feel like you belong and gotten comfortable.

So you some of the people you met last time and you stop selling. You stopped paying attention to what you said the 1st time through and started to tell different stories. You stop thinking that this is a situation where you have to sell yourself and start acting too casually. The result winds up being that you shoot yourself in the foot.

Again, this tends to happen more on 2nd and 3rd interviews that it would on a 1st interview because people know better than doing that on a 1st interview , . . unless they are an arrogant SOB. Then, you just so cocky and full of yourself; most people aren't that way. People know how to behave the 1st time through. It is generally the 2nd time through the people lower their guard, are more revealing and make this dumb mistake . They left their unprofessional nature come out and cause them opportunities.

Remember, don't act too casually. You are there to sell yourself and persuade them that you are the right person for this role, you are not there talking to your best friend . They are not your ally. They are there to evaluate and assess you until they get to the offer phase

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