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“I have been enjoying both your podcasts regarding job search and interviews. I’m adjusting my search and resume after I hear your podcasts.”

“The advice you give is incredible!”

“Enjoyed your audio clip about ‘Why You Don’t Even Get The Interview. “

“I wanted to thank you for providing incredible information for job seekers!  I am a great employee, but a poor job seeker.  I spent 21 great years in the USAF and when I retired I was picked up immediately by Harris Corp. by a former vet and friend.  I’ve only had two jobs in 29 years of employment so looking for work now is..daunting!

However, I listened to your podcasts and read (reading) your online articles.  Your advice has reinvigorated my job search and I am seeing increased interest after applying some of your ideas in just one day.”
R.Q. Program Manager

“I recently obtained a new position after a great deal of work and effort. In the last phase of my effort, I had four interviews in the second round set up within two weeks of each other.

During this time, I sat in my favorite coffee shop in Portsmouth New Hampshire (Breaking New Grounds-highly recommend btw), and watched your interview videos.
I am convinced that I would not have obtained the offers that I did without your youtube videos.Please accept my sincere thanks.”
                                                                         P.M.R., General Counsel
  • “In my search for new consulting clients and/or more permanent work, Jeff’s e-zine, job postings, website, and No B.S. Job Search Advice have been invaluable. He demonstrates a high level of knowledge of the recruiting industry and the current and every fluctuating job market. He is totally committed to client satisfaction – for both potential candidates and the employers needing them. Every action Jeff takes shows his passion for what he does. His drive for excellence in his profession is exemplified in what he achieves every day by matching companies with the right candidates.”

M.P.F., Project Manager

Thanks for all of your help and support on this, Jeff.  I sincerely have appreciated your style and efforts. “

BV, Program Manager, Professional Services Firm

I truly enjoy receiving your E-mails and sage advice — you are one of the wisest people I have encountered in your field, and I would imagine your corporate clients also highly value your contribution.”

T.S. EVP, Non-Profit Organization

I used your methods regarding branding resumes and telephone interview techniques I am literally overwhelmed with interviews. You know what your are taking about.”

J.J. Lean Six Sigma Operations Excellence Executive

Jeff, thanks so much for helping me find my current position.  Not only did you land me a position that exceeded my financial expectations, but you did it in short order.  This position was also with a very large, reputable firm.  It’s clear that through your relationships and network, you were able to match me with a role that perfectly fit my skills and experience.  And I did not see this position posted anywhere which tells me you clearly have the inside track.  Working with you and your team was a very pleasant experience.  You were professional, accessible, responsive and helpful.  I appreciated your practical No B.S. advice throughout. “

S.W., Business Development Manager, Professional Services.

“I receive and read (your ezine). When I work with executives who are interested in seeing what is available I try to steer them to your writings. They appreciate someone who gets down to brass tacks.”

–S.C., Director of Member Services, Subscription based career site for the $100K+ professional

I’m still loving it here- all thanks to you! You did such a great job that I have been bragging about you . . .

M.T. Hedge Fund Accountant

I have been a long time follower and always appreciated Jeff’s no nonsense straight to the point No B.S advice. So when I recently lost my job He was the first person I thought to seek out to get some advise on answering some tough interview questions. Jeff stepped right up to the plate creating a video answer to my particular question and sending it over within just 2 hours. This is just one example of Jeff Altman’s expertise in handing everything and anything involved in the way of assisting professionals with there career search along with helping employers find right man for the job. He cuts right to the chase and tells it like it is with no B.S..

C.L.,  Account Executive

“I have been aware of Jeff’s professional presence for 5 – 10 years. I have spoken to Jeff on numerous occasions, his advice and dealings with me have always been right on. His reputation in the field is outstanding and his dealings with me including his advice to me as always showed his intelligence, knowledge, ethics and desire to succeed in his advocacy of my case on a number of occasions. I endeavor to stay in touch with his thinking and knowledge by subscribing to all his newsletters and advice columns. Even if I was not seeking work, I would still try to stay close to his thinking.

H.E., Consultant

If you haven’t taken advantage of Jeff’s No BS Job Search Ezine then get on his email list right away. It’s just full of valuable advice and information for job hunters. He’s a terrific resource and a stand-out in the job search area!

D. F., Marketing Executive


D. M., Director

I find Jeff’s advice very helpful in my job search

L. G., Investor Relations Professional

I believe that Jeff performs some very valuable advice and service to emplyer / employee community.

M. P., Author and Thought Leader

I have been connected to Jeff for some time now and have always found him to be a step ahead of the competition and not afraid to think outside the box. He has great integrity when dealing with him on a business level and will always provide results. I would highly recommend Jeff for any project you may have and have the utmost confidence in his expertise.

JRD, Sales Manager

Jeff is a fabulous person. What makes him terrific goes far beyond his business skills – we all know about them – they are in a word – spectacular. Why I find my relationship with Jeff so valuable is that he show an authentic desire to help each of his clients – whether it be the employer seeking to fill a position or a potential employee looking for a new position, Jeff is very sincere and talks you through the process – not only the financials but from a holistic standpoint.

BD, Visiting Professor

I’ve had the honor and privilege of knowing Jeff for the past 10 years as a co-worker at CISNY (we began working there on the same day) and as a SME on every aspect of the job search process. He is a person I truly respect and marvel at. I have worked with hundreds of recruiters and search consultants in my 30+ years in the field and Jeff is in the Top 2% of all the people I know in the profession.

I would like to also thank Jeff for graciously joining me as a Featured Speaker at a recent job search seminar I led sponsored by The Met Council in NYC. This was the first time I saw Jeff in this type of setting and he mezmorized and educated me and the entire audience with his presentation on how to turn a job interview into a job offer.

PN, Resume Writer

Although I haven’t had the chance to work with Jeff directly as a client or co-worker, his positive energy and great business/recruiting advice always brightens my day or makes me think more creatively. I always read whatever he sends me, and appreciate his particular brand of intelligence and humor. Thanks, Jeff!

PH, Employee Mobility Professional

This is easy, Jeff is simply the most competent, ethical, and smart head hunter I have ever worked with. In fact, he is so smart I steal ideas from him. I do not know anyone with Jeff’s breadth of depth of knowledge in the business of finding the right job for the right person. His exceptionally high ethical standards are not just another plus, they are the basis for his work.

HK, Executive Coach

Jeff Altman is definitely an exception when it comes to recruiters. I worked with Jeff back in 2005 and found him to be honest, upfront and a hard worker. I wasn’t the only person who found Jeff to be exceptional. While at ISO, four of my colleagues at ISO were also placed by him as well and they shared the same view about Jeff as I did.

I would strongly recommend Jeff. He’s the only recruiter in my connections that wasn’t a part of a company I worked for.

Keep up the excellent work Jeff!

RB, Co-Founder

Jeff is a veteran in the executive search industry and whether you are hiring or job hunting he has a dynamic way of determining your need and finding the best fit for you.

ST, VP, Sales

Knowledgeable, helpful, share insights re the market, not your average head hunter / recruiter. I would recommend signing up to his group and hiring him for any services any time.

AL, Product Manager

Jeff is a no time waster; he gives practical and useful advice and straight to the point guidance. I very much appreciate his unique style of reaching out to his audience, which will quickly catch your attention and make you want to more direction. Absolutely fascinating!

SZ, Finance Consultant

Just a brief note of thanks to you Jeff for your weekly job hunting advise. We all know how difficult and frustrating it can be to find a new position; so I wanted to give you a special applause for your helpful and timely tip regarding job hunting.

MR, Sales Rep

In my search for new consulting clients and/or more permanent work, Jeff’s e-zine, job postings, website, and No B.S. Job Search Advice have been invaluable. He demonstrates a high level of knowledge of the recruiting industry and the current and every fluctuating job market. He is totally committed to client satisfaction – for both potential candidates and the employers needing them. Every action Jeff takes shows his passion for what he does. His drive for excellence in his profession is exemplified in what he achieves every day by matching companies with the right candidates.

MPF, Executive

Jeff provides a good deal of information and job leads but doesn’t waste my time. His news letters are good to read and provide useful info.

BK, Consultant

Jeff Altman is a visionary as well as an expert in the fields of recruiting and job hunting advice. He understands the marketplace and the dynamics of employers and employees. Jeff knows how candidates need to work under pressure in this economy and he advises job hunters on how to avoid those mistakes that would damage their search and prevent them from presenting themselves in the most positive light. Jeff understands human dynamics and his experience in human psychology makes him sensitive to the ways and means that will provide successful outcomes for employers and future employees. His advice creates the win-win scenario for all involved. As a Consultant I have found Jeff’s writings and advice has helped me formulate winning strategies in securing and sustaining successful business ventures. If I had an opening in my firm, I would definitely hire him as a key member of my team.

JBC, Director

I first met Jeff away from the business and found him to be both engaging and quite articulate when it came to organisational strategies, economic outlooks and interpersonal relationships. I have since utilised his knowledge (especially his e-zine) in narrowing and honing my search into the market once again. Jeff’s background in psychology and political science gives him a unique perspective to the ever changing world of business that we see before us now.

JP, Financial Consultant

I have been following Jeff’s newsletters and guides for some time now and have found Jeff’s recommendations very informative and enlightening. I believe that Jeff is the “Go To Guy” when seeking to upgrade your employment status.

Jeff “The Big Game Hunter” Altman is a person to listen to and learn from.

HL, Systems Engineer

Jeff is the man to assist you in finding a position that will align with your passion!

KS, Leasing Specialist

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff as a recruiter when I was hired at Bear Stearns back in 2006. Jeff had a clear understanding of the position and worked with me all along the way to make sure it was a good match. Since then, I’ve been impressed by the way Jeff keeps up with the changing job market. Not only does he offer ‘hands on’ assistance to his candidates, but he also goes above and beyond by publishing material that provides genuine assistance to anyone looking for a job. Bottom line, Jeff offers exceptional services to the employment community!

VL, Documentation Specialist

Jeff has provided an exceptional experience offering a level of insight and dedication that is rare to find among recruiters, as he allocates and adequate amount of time to gain an understanding of my history, attributes, goals and objectives. By doing so he offers a personal level of service that assured me that I am being treated as an individual, not to be subjugated to the shotgun approach so many other recruiters take with their candidates and clients. Jeff’s guidance is that of an industry veteran who knows that the amount of time he spends up front will create a long-term and lasting benefit. Recruiting is serious business, this is your life being affected by opportunity, so creating the right match is paramount. Jeff takes his business and his clients seriously, is focused on the outcome, and ultimately wants to create a better situation for everyone involved.

ME, Senior Network Architect

Jeff is a valuable contact for seeking a new position. He has insight and works hard to find a good match to your skills.


I knew Jeff as a highly talented recruiter,expert Career coach and sought his help towards my career change early this year.His approach towards the staffing requirement needs and candidate approach towards the job search are quite exemplary;His advises were quite on the right spot and resulted in great success.I love to work with him & wish Jeff greater success in the future too.

PD, Principal Architect

Jeff creates high expectations by the way he Markets himself. Rest assured, he puts his money where his mouth is. Jeff is an excellent networker and adds great value through his published work. If he finds something for you, it will be a good fit that will benefit every one.

PL, Project Manager

Jeff is one of the most visible and reachable recruiters I’ve had the opportunity to know. His mid-week e-mail suggestions give good insight to employment conditions with a number of suggestions and actions steps to make a difference. Jeff is deeply personal with the events he shares on his family events along with his weekend suggestions. I would offer a strong recommendation for this individual.

BH, National Sales Manager

I follow Jeff online now on most social networks, so he is readily accessible and have known him in industry over 10 years. He utilizes Constant Contact as a medium for expanding his reach as a recruiter.His email marketing this way is aggressive and well targeted. I also know locally in NYC he maintains many excellent contacts in the financial sector. The firm, Concepts In Staffing is very conscientious in their follow up with me as a candidate and continue to post many excellent executive level positions across the web.That has made a lasting impression on me that they are there for long term relationship building, not here today, gone to Mahwah.

DS, Collections Professional

“Jeff is like the song in ‘Ghostbusters’ When activity is stalled and we need it filled, who ya gonna call? JEFF ALTMAN!”


“Jeff is a great recruiter. I have worked with him for years and he really gets it and gets up to speed quickly on the search and produces well qualifed candidates in short order! He is everything you want in a search firm (but seldom find)- ethical, hard-working and professional.”

DA, Recruiting Manager

“I’ve known Jeff for many years and this time hired him for what he calls, “Paper Services.”

He listened to our concerns and requirements and found four very good people for us quickly, gave us insights and advice about each, and allowed us to select one who we believe will be perfect for us . . . all for an extremely reasonable price. Jeff under-promised and over-delivered, just as I remember him doing years ago. Definitely worth hiring to recruit or research for you!”

P.M., Hospitality Industry Leader H.R Professional

“Jeff Altman is a dedicated leader with a profound sense of integrity. He provides insight and maturity to any initiative to which he commits himself.”

                                                                                                              JH, Asst. Director, Recruiting & Resource Management

“I found Jeff to be a excellent Recruiter who was quite pleasant to work with during these tough economic times…”

                                                                                                                   LM, PHR, Manager, Human Resources

“I am proud to say that I have known Jeff since 1996. I wish there were more men in the business world like him. He really looks out for others and because of his high integrity he is one of the few people I would have no problem doing business with on a hand alone. I am also proud to call “The Big Game Hunter” a friend! Take the time to get to know him and you will too.”

                                                                                                                                                    BB, Author, Coach

“Jeff is an ultimate professional and a great mentor. One can always walk up to him with any issues and Jeff would do almost everything to help. If anyone ever wants to know anything about recruiting Jeff always has the answer. I have been following him from my days at CIS. Today, Jeff is a well-recognized leader in the industry as “Big Game Hunter” with recruiting related radio shows, books, and blogs and so on.”

TK, Sr. Talent Management Professional

“I like working with Jeff. Unlike so many recruiters who tell me about the perfect applicant who isn’t anywhere near perfect, Jeff’s “No B. S.” approach is both refreshing makes working with him a pleasure. AND he gets results.”

                                                                                                                                          C.C. HR Business Partner

“Jeff uses his incredible intelligence and understanding to provide amazing fits between people and positions. When he recommends someone, you can rest assured it is with thought, caring and purpose. Everyone I have hired htrough Jeff has been an excellent fit/outcome. His abilities work just as well when you are the candidate. Highly recommended.”

                                                                                                                                              RE, Managing Principal

“Jeff is an expert in the fields of recruiting and job hunting advice, and his work is frequently inspirational. I look forward to receiving his updates on a regular basis.”

                                                                                                                                                   WG, HR Professional


                                                                                                                                                                CM, Director

“I truly enjoy receiving your E-mails and sage advice — you are one of the wisest people I have encountered in your field, and I would imagine your corporate clients also highly value your contribution.”

T.S. EVP, Non-Profit Organization

“Always a pleasure working with Jeff!”

G.M., Development Manager, Software & Services Solutions Firm

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