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Stupid Interview Mistakes: Saying Different Things to Different People | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 797 Using the example of the old John Lovitz character, Tommy Flanagan, the pathological liar, I point out another stupid interview people make.


This is a video that I think I can make my point best using an old Jon Lovitz character, Tommy Flanagan (in character) "Yeah, that's what I did. Yeah, that's what I did." This is a character that John Lovitz stated on Saturday Night Live years ago who is a pathological liar. He was say a bunch of different things and when questioned about that would course correct. You knew he was lying . . . "Yeah, That's the ticket," became the tagline for the character. You just couldn't contain himself and couldn't keep himself in line.

Folks, there are a lot of people who go on job interviews, you talk to 1 hiring manager and then to another person and just say different things to different people. It isn't just that they do it from the 1st interview to the 2nd interview; after all, that is one way to get rejected easily. There is an inconsistency in a story you forgot the lie that you told. But some people do it from minute to minute on their 1st interview!

It's ridiculous! "Yeah, that's the ticket! Yeah that's the ticket!"

Don't be a jerk and, to be clear, I'm not telling you to get your lie down straight. The fact of the matter is that organizations have so many ways to catch the lie these days and the simplest thing is that they have an applicant tracking system, you probably applied to the more than once over the course of your career; they out of the old resume; they have a current resume.

Why would you lie to them? Your resume is sent to them, they go to LinkedIn to check you out, they get a different story about you. What's the message that you're telling them?

You claim to be strong in such and such and it is not in your LinkedIn profile. What are you telling them?

"Oh! I forgot to put it there!" Yeah. They are going to believe that.

The fact of the matter is if you make up different things and tell different things to different people and put a different face on your background, there are so many different ways that organizations can find out about who you are and what you have done.

You may have heard of this thing called. . . What's it called again? . . . GOOGLE.

It's easy for people to find out the truth.

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