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Can I Ask About Work-Life Balance? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 850 I don’t believe you can ask about work-life balance directly.  I do believe you can get the answer your question indirectly.  Here’s how.


The question for today is:

Can I ask about work-life balance?

Before I give you a definitive answer, I'd want to define what an interview is used for.  From an employer's perspective, they are trying to evaluate and assess you in order to figure out whether you can do the job they need to have done.  From their standpoint, well, you know you're not supposed to ask about benefits at the 1st interview, right?  You also know that you want them to like you. 1st, in order to get them to want to move forward, right?

So, when you ask about work-life balance, employers hear that as, "What's the minimum amount of work I need to do in order for you to think that I'm doing my job?"  They are not fond of that thinking and that is how they interpret the question. You can get a better idea of what you want to know by asking a different question.

Let me give you a suggestion.  You know when they get to the part of the interview where they ask, "So, do you have any questions for us?"

I've covered a lot of different questions and different videos. I'm not going to repeat those.Here's the way to asked the question she can get the answer that you want.

"Describe a typical day for me from the time I walk in at what time do you expect me to walk in until the time I leave (tell me what time you expect me to leave).  I want to get a clear idea of what I'm going to be doing by working for you. You have given me a good broad brush stroke I what I would be doing.  Let's get into the weeds a little bit."

You'll get a good idea of what you will be expected to do and, notice, you getting a good idea of your arrival time and departure time, too.  If they expect that you will be working late hours, they'll be telling you that in the course of answering this question.  That, I believe, will help you solve the question of work-life balance.

Look, I don't know of many job hunters, I don't know of many American workers or foreign workers who want to do the least amount of work.  I believe that most people want to have some time for the rest of their lives, too.  They want to have a little bit of time for their family, to have a little bit of fun to do other things in their life, too.

I don't believe that you want to beef finding out about this mythical work-life balance thing.  You want to be finding out about what you're going to be doing and how many hours a day, you're going to be doing, right?

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