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The “I Have Another Offer” Gambit (VIDEO)

My opinion of the “I have another offer” gambit.


Someone wrote to me asking about the classic scenario where they want to purchase the process along. They want to tell the employer that they have another offer and see if that will really facilitate things and get things going.

Few employers are affected by that anymore. Doing that without another job offer Reminds me of "last century behavior," where a woman would tell a man that they were pregnant and they weren't. You are telling them that you have another offer and don't have one and you are trying to push this along. These days, the tactic doesn't work as often as it used to.

Firms don't care because there are another 50 people just like you, begging for this job. They are not complete with the process so the probability is That it is not going to work.

If it does work, YIPPEE! FABULOUS! Good for you. You pull that off. Usually, firms just continue the process and circle back with they are ready to make a decision.

Let me be clear that if you do have another offer, one that you would feel comfortable accepting, By all means you should tell this firm and push them along.

"I have an offer for such and such with the firm that interested in AND I really like your opportunity. If you can move things along. I have to respond by such and such date. If not I'm going to accept the other offer because the proverbial bird in the hand . . . Yada yada yada."

Don't expect that lying is going to get you anywhere. Do expect that if you have another offer, It doesn't matter to you, because your something that you would say "yes" to.If it's something that you wouldn't say "yes" to, you still have the option of using the strategy.

I just don't like it. under the circumstances where you don't have something because it is like you are pushing your chips all in and don't have a good hand at all. The likelihood is that the bluff in the card game will work is pretty small because they smell it and you just seem more nervous Then you do when you actually do have the offer.

Can I come back and work? You bet it can! Statistically it will work a lot less than it used to.

Can you get into trouble? Of course, not. Is not like there is a database of information employers keep and share with one another About people who do "strange things" to them. What there is are "long memories." Individuals have long memories and,, if they find out that you lied, they remember this kind of stuff..

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4 thoughts on “The “I Have Another Offer” Gambit (VIDEO)

  1. Works all the time in consulting and is a great way to leave a lasting impression to overly slow companies

  2. Patently untrue – I watched the devastation a manager and team goes through when someone they interviewed to death and made an offer to never shows up on their first day and the cat is let out of the bag. It’s even worse when it happens 3 days into the person’s stay. That veneer of do not give a hoot is power sandblasted very quickly

  3. It’s better to be patient and let nature take its course instead of MSU to speed up a job offer.  We should not be waiting on anybody anyway.

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