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There Is Now Reason to Pay Attention to Facebook Professionally (VIDEO)

There is no reason to expand your network of relationships on Facebook beyond your friends.



I wanted to do a video today about the public rollout of a new feature on Facebook; that is, the ability to post jobs.

Let's say your hiring manager and not a job hunter. You are trying to bring on talent. Obviously, the ability to post jobs is a nice benefit but now here's the real thing about it – – it now encourages you, whether you're a job hunter/employee of an organization and completely happy doing what you are doing, your hiring manager and trying to bring on talent, what Facebook is encouraging you to do with this 1 simple action is brought in your network of relationships on Facebook beyond your friends.

Why do I say that? Let's look holistically at Facebook and what might happen in the future. If you start with job ads, what you now have to do is look at Facebook as a potential tool for business. Yes, there have always been business pages and fan pages and things like that. Now look at it from the standpoint of hiring and bringing on talent and now your Facebook profile has to be even more careful.

You want to broaden your network on Facebook to influencers on Facebook and not just restrict yourself to your immediate circle of friends. The way business works these days is that is not just simply who you know, but who your friends know who they can introduce you to. Thus widening your circle becomes more important.

I wouldn't be surprised at the descriptive areas for a person's background broadens over the next few years to include professional successes and information. Yes, you've always been able to search on Facebook for people, their firms and things along those lines, but as always feel very limiting because of how few people participate in sharing that kind of information.

Let's say you're a corporate recruiter. You now want to build your network as wide as possible beyond LinkedIn. LinkedIn obviously makes it paid, but now you can advertise for free for people that is now delivered in their feed and suddenly your marketing is grown exponentially.

You now want to build your network of relationships on Facebook as well as on LinkedIn in order to broaden your contacts. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few years, Facebook takes on the 2 ton professional gorilla, LinkedIn, all from this very simple thing of free job posting.

This is your time before the next recession to broaden your network of contacts, whether you are an employee of a firm or a potential employer or hiring manager or HR professional. That is because, as you've heard many times, your network is your net worth. Facebook is making it easier for you to use it as an employment vehicle. You want to be out there proactively building your Facebook network as you have your LinkedIn network.

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