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Stupid Interview Mistakes: Seeming Desperate

Ep 639 There’s something about desperation that is a turn off.



I'm back with another piece of advice designed to help you find work more quickly. This is about 1 of those stupid interview mistakes the job hunters make all the time. That is, appearing desperate.

Have you ever been on a date with someone who seemed desperate? Women, come on! You can't tell me you haven't been on a date with someone who seemed desperate! They are just too… Fill in the blank. Too much. I want to presume to know how you feel when this happens. I just simply say that in situations where I've been out with desperate women, it is not been a pleasant experience.

Women who appear desperate come across, in the male vernacular, as stalkers. I suspect the same is true on the women's side..… And worse. Such behavior in dating doesn't work and it certainly doesn't work in job search.

When you go on the interview and you seem too eager, (I act the part in the audio to demonstrate how obnoxious it seems), The hiring manager eventually asked themselves, "What's with this person?" You can't appear too eager; it's okay to be accommodating. Your role is to relax and to deal with your potential future boss as a peer so that they understand, and you understand what you are capable of doing for them so that they can evaluate and assess you and see how you fit into their needs.

Acting like the obedient schoolchild, sitting in your chair, leaning forward (I haven't done that when you were a kid), just doesn't work. It doesn't make you more attractive than other people to your future boss. If anything, it makes you less appealing! That's because you seem like you are desperate. No one really likes desperate.

Relax. Follow my advice about the single best question you should ask on any interview. Talk with them as an equal,, and explain how your background, that which they are looking for. Do it with confidence and self assurance because part of your job on interview is to put their mind that these and demonstrate that you are the solution to a problem that they have. They need someone to do such and such. You want to talk about how you did for someone else before..

In joining them, you don't want to do this for the next 30 or 40 years of your life. You want to understand the upside for you. If the role, do you want to do the same thing for the next 3 or 40 years? Of course not!

You always want to make sure you ask questions about your potential future with the organization. If you don't like the answer, don't be a schmuck can take the job And then blame them for what's happening to you. It's your fault, then.

Again, don't beg. Don't appear desperate.All


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