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Stupid Interview Mistakes | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Stupid Interview Mistakes | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 651 It’s Friday and that means another stupid interview mistake

NOTE: Production values are not ideal while Jeff waits for the return of his damaged laptop



Today's show, as I do on Fridays, is about stupid interview mistakes-- things people do the wrong that they could easily correct and that's what we focus on today. Today show involves complementary mistakes that people make.

The mistakes I'm going to talk about-- not collecting information from the interviewer about how to reach them. That is as simple as exchanging a card. How do you do that in the smoothest way possible? Really easy – – they come out and greet you, your sorted into their office, you keep your card in your pocket that you can give them. Ladies, and easily reachable spot for you. Before you actually sit down, you might just simply hand them your card and ask, "May I have your card as well?" Obviously need to be in their office to do that so that the card exchange is done easily and smoothly for them. That's because what you're really looking for is their email address and phone number so that you are able to follow up afterwards.

Yes, you can call the switchboard and ask for an email address. I think sometimes, particularly at some larger firms, they are reluctant to give that out for fear that this is spam collection or stalking. Thus, you want to collect it from the person immediately, as soon as you are invited in for the interview.

Then, from there the next mistake people make, but one that I sent complemented this 1st one is not actually following up. The follow-up starts with the simple thing of a thank you note.

"Thanks for making time to meet with me today. I really appreciate it. I found the position quite interesting and, as I thought about it afterwards, I wanted to reinforce certain points I made with you and a few others that hopefully will make you feel good about making the choice to invite me back for another conversation." Then you can continue on from there.

The goal here is to continue the dialogue. Let them know of your interest. Show appreciation; writing a thank you note is a courtesy much less common these days that it once was. You want to demonstrate that sort of courtesy to others so that is not a red flag or complaint in their minds that you haven't done it.


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