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How Can I Change My Location on LinkedIn | Job Search Radio

I am looking for a job out-of-state but I am being contacted by firms locally.


Someone asked this question of me:

"How can I tell LinkedIn. I am looking for work in another state?"  

"It always notifies me of jobs in my current state where I live and work.  I even get lots of recruiters contacting me for local work.  I want to have job show up from another state and have recruiters contact me for working in another state.  Other sites let me do this. How do I do it on LinkedIn?"

I want to start by saying people who have LinkedIn Recruiter accounts generally are not reading profiles.  They are running searches and the searches will indicate, just like a job board, where the person is,… You actually have to read the profile which a lot of people don't do.  They are just bulk email.  They're trying to reach out to people with particular skills and qualifications.  In addition, LinkedIn has its own search agents that are trying to forward jobs to you. You need to start changing the formula for your profile.

Just as an aside, in the summary area of your LinkedIn profile. I would include a statement that you are only looking for work in such and such area.  In addition, provide your phone number there.  Why?  For those who don't have a LinkedIn Recruiter account who who are using the free version or 1 of the lesser versions of LinkedIn to recruit people, at least you are trying to tell them.  If they choose to ignore you, you have no control over that.  Also, keyword the state, the city or cities that you are looking in, because once people are searching, they may be searching by a particular metro area.  For example, if you are looking for something in the New York area or Madison, Wisconsin. The bay area, LinkedIn has terms to refer to those places.  You may want to include those as part of the searches so that people will find you when they are doing a standard for research.

On the paved areas, you want to be attracted to people you go to the advanced search function set your location to, "located in or near" followed by the city or ZIP Code that you are looking for.  Using the example of New York, locate yourself in or near 10016.  That will take you to the heart of Manhattan and people will do searches (remember, this is how LinkedIn works) within a certain radius of that ZIP Code.  ZIP Code is always the preferable way, but because LinkedIn is having people search within a certain radius of the ZIP Code.  That's the easiest way to do it.  Again, just to repeat, use the advanced search function and set the location to located in or near followed by the ZIP Code, preferably you are looking for.

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