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Using Notes for Skype Interviews

Creating Notes for Your Next Skype Interview | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 657 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses how and where to prepare a place notes for your next video interview.



I have a tip today for you for you next Skype, FaceTime or video interview.

When people do phone interviews, I always tell them that is that however, in the video interview, imagine for a second, having your resume out and needing to look down to refer to it. How good does that look?

Instead of having your resume, in advance of the interview, I want you to think of a number of the points that you want to cover and buy 1 of those old-fashioned wonderful products, Post-it notes. Tape them around your screen. This way, your notes are in line of sight.

So, imagine for a 2nd you're looking off slightly to the left or to the right or above or below, you can do that by moving your eyes slightly for a moment to get reminders. What you're also able to do without anyone really noticing it, you can take the Post-it note off when you've covered the point. If that's too hard, just leave them there.

Use Post-it notes as a reminder of talking points that you want to cover in your Skype interview.


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