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What Do You Do With Business Cards? | Job Search Radio

What should you do with all of the business cards you collect? Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter tells you exactly what to do with them.



I want to talk with you about coping with all those business cards you receive at networking group meetings and other places.

I grew up in the days when business cards were very important and you want to collect as many cards as possible. In recent times they have fallen into a state where people don't really care about them as much. You could be in situations where collecting cards be of value to you. Your meeting someone in networking group; you're in an elevator and run into someone that you know and the easiest way to make connection is to exchange cards. The question becomes what you do with these cards?

Back in the stone ages, you toss them in a drawer, put a rubber band around them. If too many of them accumulated there. Obviously, we don't have to do that today. I is a product called Camcard. There are lots of different products out there like this one. Basically, what you do is scan the card, it populates different fields. You may have to do a bit of an edit after the scanning to make sure that the right data is in the fields. There will be an image of the card and the convenience of having it auto populate fields so that, this way, it's easy for you to get back in touch with people, easy for you to pull up to data for you to do that, and easy for you to stay in contact with them so that you can send that LinkedIn connection request to them right away.


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