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Why Shouldn’t I Hire You? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 746 This is a question that’s designed to fry your circuits and have you confessed things to them you might not otherwise say.  Here I offer snappy response instead.


Answering this question is tough because there is an awkwardly phrased question that is designed to fry your circuits. The question is, "Why shouldn't I hire you?"

Here, they are looking for you to reveal some deep dark secret because your circuits have been fried in the notion is that you are going to confess something that is going to talk you out of the role. On the positive side, consider that this is going to be a test of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

The standard answer would have you talk about some sort of weakness without going to the pat 1 of, "I worked too hard," or, "I'm a perfectionist." The idea is to talk about something real as your answer and how you are working to overcome it.

For example, you have issues with self organization. What you have done is learn calendaring so that in this way, you are able to overcome that and you have something in your phone to remind you how you organize your day.

Here's another one that I think is better the more senior you are. The way to do it is to start by saying, "You know, anytime you hire someone into an organization there is a period of adjustment that goes on, not just simply for me but for the team as well. We have to learn to live with one another and overcome this insertion into the middle of the group. I'm certainly willing to take my side and work hard with it and run with it. Any input you can give me in order to adjust well to the existing team would be a big help. However, the team asked to adjust to me, too. We have to learn to live together. If you are comfortable with that, then we are good to go. This is something I think you need to be aware of about any person that you hire, let alone me."

I think this is a very savvy answer for a veteran individual because it makes them start to think a little bit and gets the focus off of you.

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