Why Do People Post Articles on Their LinkedIn Accounts?


Why does someone post something on their LinkedIn accounts?

I mean, why should someone share an article or a video?

It’s not like they know something about the subject. So why share it?

People post articles on LinkedIn in order to convey the notion that they have expertise.  It’s all about developing a reputation as an expert. It’s a branding statement.

I want to be clear that some people post stupid things; I’ll Use the Example from Facebook of the cat photos. There is no reason to post that to LinkedIn.

There are people who post political stuff to LinkedIn. The post that either.

What you’re using LinkedIn for is to build the notion that you are an expert at something so that people want to reach out to you.

People posted on their LinkedIn account, post stuff in groups, that’s all designed to create the impression that they are knowledgeable in this area.

They share information that conveys the message, “I agree with this,” or, “I know this too.”

Doing so gives the idea of real knowledge.


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