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Why Aren’t You Making More Money?

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains exactly how to answer this tough interview question.


Today, I want to talk with you about 1 of those tough interview questions . . . Those questions that are designed to make you quaking your boots, make you afraid, maybe say the wrong thing! Here's the question, "Why aren't you making more money at this stage of your career?" It's a nonsense question , but they want to know that you are smart enough to give them a plausible answer back.

Here's the answer I'd like you to give to them, "money is important to me but other things are important, too. If I wasn't interested in making more money, I wouldn't be sitting here." Notice that what you told him already, is there not going to get you on the cheap. You have already made it clear that you want to earn more money and that other things have been important to you, as well. In other organizations that you've joined, 1 of the reasons that you did was the need for the opportunity was offer to you- the opportunity to learn, the people that you might work with, the opportunity to work with particular leaders, the nature of the work… Give them examples of where you made that decision previously.

But now, you're looking for an organization that can compensate you fairly because you do want to earn more than what you are earning now and, at the same time give you interesting and challenging work. On previous occasions, you compromised one for the benefit of the other. What you are doing is acknowledging that you could have been making more but you made certain choices. You're not faulting those organizations, not criticizing those organizations, but right now, you're making it very clear that you are here for all of it.

Money. Work. People.

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