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Two Months of Looking. No Interviews. Just Criticism. | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep. 717. Day in and day out, I am searching for jobs through various job boards.. I have been working with 8 different recruiters to assist me in my job search and not one has sent me on an interview. Instead, I’ve had numerous agencies rip me to shreds in regards to my last job, compensation and reasoning for termination, not return my phone calls nor my emails and just make disparaging remarks. 


There is an interesting message that someone left that I thought would make for a great show.

"As of today, I have been unemployed for 2 months. Day in and day out, I'm searching for jobs through various job boards hitting the pavement with resumes in hand, cold calling companies and trying to arrange interviews I have been working with 8 different recruiters to assist me with my job search and not one has sent me on an interview. Instead, I've had numerous agencies rip me to shreds with regard to my last job, compensation and reasoning for termination., Not returning my calls or my emails and just making disparaging remarks. For some reason this may put a damper on their spirit but not for me. I am more determined, driven and motivated now than I have ever been."

When I read this, I want to address the recruiters for second and just say that recruiters are unable to create interviews for people. Employers tell them about jobs open, skills required, the salary they are willing to pay for someone. Those 8 different recruiters representing 8 different recruiting firms that you've reached out to, they don't have anything for you. Their job is not to respond to your emails or to your phone calls for the heck of it because you want them to check in with you. They are there to deliver for their client who is PAYING THEM. These recruiters don't have a job for you. They are not out there pounding the pavement as you are because they are hired by corporations to fill jobs, not by individuals to work for free.

I'm glad your spirits haven't been dampened yet , but I must also say that you haven't been learning the lesson from the recruiter behavior. The lesson MAY BE (I have to said as "msy be" ) that perhaps your skills and perhaps are interviewing and the impact of the decision that you made (you say termination. I'll consider it as resignation) to resign your job may not suggest to them that you are a superior candidate.

You may be asking for too much money. You may be interviewing poorly. Your decision as to why you quit your last job may indicate immaturity. Or, if you were terminated, it's a story that suggests that you really weren't good at your job and that your employer fired you for cause.

What I want to encourage you to do is to take a little bit of time to reflect on the message. If they are wrong, if you have done a check as to the value that you bring to the job market and it's in line, not necessarily with the high range, but within the range in some way shape or form, but you just keep going out there and applying for jobs, pounding the pavement in doing what you're always doing.

I must also say that you're looking for job boards and recruiters and that those 2 together, statistically, fill approximately 30% of positions. The rest of filter networking. That's not what I'm reading that you're doing. When I'm reading that you're doing is spending time with a little bit less than one third of how jobs are filled and not mentioning all the networking that you are doing. As a result, I suspect you're not doing much.

Start doing some networking. Start to create relationships that allow you to present yourself to former colleagues, people that you know, people who attended the same university as you, and see if they can help you. If they can't help you, then you definitely have to adapt. But, recognize today, that it is important for you to (1) reevaluate to see whether or not the recruiters might be right. You can do that in a variety of ways. And (2) if they are not right, start adding networking to your repertoire. As a matter of fact, start adding networking via repertoire, whether they're right or not. This way, you have access to more positions than you're getting access to now

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