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Tough Interview Questions: The Country Club Question

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers and he answer to this question that is designed to see whether you have self-confidence.


I have another 1 of those fun tough interview questions for you today. Here's how it goes: "You're invited to a party at the country club. As a matter of fact, you are 1 of over 200 people who has been invited. At the time you walk in the door, more than half the people are there. How do people react when you walk in?"

Isn't that a fun one?

The ideas that they want to get a sense of your self-confidence. So, certainly, the correct answer is NOT, I want to repeat, NOT to say, "No one is going to notice me because of very unimportant."

Instead, you provide an answer that demonstrates that you have self-confidence.

The correct answer is actually the honest one.

"Some people would see me and some wouldn't. After all, they are engaged in conversation. It's not like I am The Great Gatsby and people stop in their tracks and started dancing around me and music starts playing, and the party swings in my direction! It's nothing like that. There a lot of people would walk over to me and try get my attention and begin a conversation with me."

That's the most simple and fun way to respond to that question.

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