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Tell Me About a Mistake You Made & What You Learned From It (for Recent Grads)


“Tell me about a mistake you’ve made and what you’ve learned from it,” is one of those classic interview questions asked by interviewers.

Here, the answered is tailored for the recent graduate.



This is one of those classic interview questions that people are asked.

"Tell me about the mistake you made and what you learn, from it."
Now the problem with this for recent grads is the just aren't a lot of choices, at least ones that you think of sound good to an interviewer.
So I wanted to give you a suggestion for answering this question . . . .and it's an easy one. It may not be truthful but work with me here!

"When I was in school or in high school and I really wanted to get into a particular school, I also wanted to have a lot of friends. So I made choices that weren't ideal for me to get those grades and boy did it hurt when I didn't get into (pick the name of the school) that would have really been happy with.

I really want to get you to give them the idea here that you learn from your mistakes and that you are not a whiner. It's not just enough to talk about the mistake that you made; it's important to talk about what you learned from it because that's the thing that they are fishing for are. Are you someone who's just a whiner and complainer or are you someone who learns from the experiences and takes the lessons in.

So I really wanted to get into the University of Chicago, Penn, Harvard, Stanford whatever and I really wanted to do that but in I was that stage in life is really in that stage of life where I want to have friends.

What I learned from that is to put my best effort in whatever I was doing.

I had this fantasy that I could can get in there without putting in the work and boy was I wrong. I really learned that if I want to get something I can go half effort into it. I have got to go at 100% effort. I have really got to give it my all in order to givemyself the best chance. Itis certainly possible that I might not havegotten to the schools but I will never know because I never really tried hard enough to in.

I didn't understand that I could lose. What I've learned is always, without a doubt, put my best effort into whatever I'm trying to do.

I have another video that talks about how to answer this question when you have more professional experience.




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