Maybe It’s You

When you arrive at my website, you are greeted with these words, “Who said job hunting has to be hard,” and then I begin to take you though the many things you need to know to find work.

There are job leads, both mine and access to others, there are places to post your resume, information galore about job hunting . . . yet people often find it difficult to find work. Why?

For a while we could point to the job market there were very few jobs available and a lot of people looking for work yet some people were finding work even in the worst of times.

Now the economy is finally picking up again yet people are using the same complaints about the economy. “the black hole, recruiters and ridiculous employers to explain their lack of success with finding a new position.

A few months ago, a friend asked to coach his nephew who had been doing work away from his profession for two years and now wanted to return to it. We spoke several times and he was able to find a new job.

I met a woman in my town in late July who had moved to Asheville and needed to find job in order to stay. She explained she had a wedding to attend and didn’t want to start looking for work for two weeks.

Asheville is an incredibly tough place to find work with little local industry restaurants, tourism and hospitals yet she found work in a few weeks when everyone told her she should plan to move back home to New York.

How did these unemployable people find work so easily?

Great coaching is part of the answer but the other part is the willingness to do what was necessary to find their next job. Once they had an idea of how to market themselves they executed the plan doing what was needed to find their next position.

To paraphrase someone I know, “Is the reason you are having a rough time finding a job because it’s tough out there or because you believe it’s tough out there.”


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