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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains several ways to find a job with no experience.

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Right off the bat, I want to encourage you to realize that you are going to be perseverance. This is not an instant strategy. There is no instant strategy for finding work unless mom or dad walks you in the door of the firm and you are hired because of them. That strategy works 100% of the time.
Assuming you are not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, this is the way to really do it.
There are 3 strategies.
1. Try to have someone introduce you to hiring manager. I need the quip about mom and dad, maybe it is an alumni from your school, who provides an introduction. Want to find some of those alumni that you don’t really know? Go to LinkedIn and there are series of drop downs along the top. Locate the one that says, “Find Alumni.” It will connect you with former students from your school and they can provide information about they found work at their organization and introductions.
2. You might try doing something related to what you do. You may not get hired as a teacher, but you might get hired as a teacher’s aide. You may not be hired as an accountant at the firm that you want to join but that could be related position at that big 4 firm that could be a steppingstone to accounting. Maybe you have to temp at that firm before they consider hiring you. If you do temper the firm, make sure there is no noncompete in the temp agencies contract before you commit to joining.
3. This is “the guts one. ” This is the one we are going to need to have some income to pay for this while you are doing it. Find the individual that is a leader an organization that you want to work for in the role that you wanted to do. Reach out to them an offer to do pro bono work. In turn. Be an assistant. Volunteer to do stuff for he or she. In doing that, what you will be doing is building a network of relationships within the firm because you will wind up in situations where you will be there assistant. Obviously, you have to do great work. If your intention is to do half-assed work and expect them to hire you, this is not a strategy for you.
However, if you put your effort and make connections, if you reach out to this person while you’re working there, and ask “Please give me a sense of how I’m doing and what I can be doing better.’ Again, you have to make some money elsewhere. You see were coming from with this? You’re doing free work in order to get attention, a network, which, when you’re coming out of school, you may not really have.
Building that relationship with an individual order two becomes a way that your entrée into an organization where some of you might notice you and poach you to their project or team.
These are 3 great ways in order to find positions (plus of course the 4th 1 which, of course, is, Mommy or Daddy get you the job.)
I hope you have the courage to not download stores and build those relationships because it will make all the difference to you, not just simply in this job search, but in every single one from this point on.