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On today’s show, I talked about three free tools to help you with your search.


I want to speak with you today about 3 tools that will be helpful to you with your job search.

I think I’ve done a video about this tool before; it is called, “Prophet.”  I’m pretty sure it is available through the Chrome extensions store so you will need to do a Google search for chrome extensions and then search for Prophet.  It only works without browser.

Once you install it, if you are on LinkedIn and they’re connected with someone, often what it is able to do is provide you with useful email address for the person, sometimes a phone number and access to other social media profiles  that the person is engaged with.

Again, the tool is Prophet.  If it is not in the chrome extensions store, search for it @

The next one is called Miranda.  This 1 is exclusively for iOS devices.  The idea behind Miranda is that sometimes, when you’re looking for positions, you are talking with people in different time zones. You need to mentally convert times or trust Miranda to give you the correct time in the time zone for reaching someone.  Again, Miranda is available for iOS and you should be able to download for your iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other iOS devices.

You probably hate yourself over this last one – – Facebook, specifically Facebook search.  What Facebook search lets you do is get a more whole picture of an individual, not just simply what they are sharing or showing on LinkedIn but a more holistic view of them.

So, for example, if you are on LinkedIn and have an interview scheduled with me, for example, if you see using Prophet . Some of the social media that I’m involved with, you go over to Facebook and start to notice what I am sharing there and posting there.  What is my background like? Who do I interact with?  Who else do I network with?

You can observe this by going to someone’s Facebook page.

So again, 3 tools that will be helpful to you with your search.


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