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Are You Hiding? (VIDEO)

People live life far “smaller” than they can or should. Let me use a story to support you.


I just got off the phone with someone who is going off to a leadership training and was looking for input from me about doing it. He tell me he was reading a book you subject basically translated into leading from behind was good and how he was conflicted with messages they got from other places to step into situations powerfully and with certainty. He didn't understand how the 2 philosophies meshed with one another.

I thought I would share with you the observations I shared with him; obviously, this will be a paraphrase of what I said. What I said to him is, "What often happens is that people play small. They use terms like,' My shadow is telling me something,' to disguise the fact that they are afraid. What are they really afraid of? They are afraid of sharing their gifts because they are afraid that they will be rejected, rebuffed, or what have you."

I can go through also has psychoanalytic stuff in speaking with you about it, but the reality is, "What are you afraid of? What's going to happen? Will you be rejected?" Okay. They don't like you. Fine.

Do you like you when you are rebuffed by other people? Do you like yourself so much when you tolerate being small?. I think both situations are no-win scenarios.

The question is which one do you live with more often? I think the answer is the one word you choose to avoid the risk of being rejected or dismissed or tuned out or (you fill in the blank).

As I said to him, the lie that you tell yourself is that you are not capable of doing this. The lie is really that you are afraid of (fill in the blank). Once you start looking at a clinically for yourself and start evaluating things, you realize that people know you, love you, trust you . . . YOU'RE BIG! So why do you want to go back to being small?

My encouragement for you is to stop hiding in the world. You only have a finite amount of lifetime here so why would you want to live it in a way that is not actual richest capacity? Why would you want to NOT want to share yourself fully with the world?

You have a lot to offer. I don't presume to know every 1 of you; I'll assume some of you may not. However, almost all of you have something wonderful to offer the world.

It is time to go out and do it. If you need help, reach out to me. Send me an email at and in the subject line put in the word "coaching." I would love to help you.

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