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Do I Have a Chance When I Am Competing With Someone Internally? (VIDEO)

I’ve applied for a job at a company where there’s someone who has his eyes on the same job. Do I have a chance?


Here’s a fun question the someone asked me: I’ve applied for a job in a company where there is someone who has his eyes on the same job. Do I have a chance?

I hate seeming cynical but here’s a fact I can tell you: this goes on all the time. There is always an internal person who is being evaluated for the same job as you. The reason they’re looking externally is that they are not sure that anyone internally is qualified or suitable to do the role.

That may depend on whether the advancement opportunities with the same manager or a different manager. Remember, they’ve seen this person day in and day out, perhaps four years. They haven’t given them a promotion into this job yet, knowing full well what they are capable of. They decide to open this up to the outside because they’re not sure if this person can really do it.

So, yes, you have a chance and the biggest issue isn’t whether you’re competing with this person because you’re always competing with the person. You’re competing with people internal to a firm and you’re competing with people at external to the firm. In other words, other people are applying for this job, right? Don’t distract yourself with worry or concern about the internal candidate. After all, if they were so good, they would’ve already promoted this person into the job. If the manager liked them so much, he or she would probably be in a bind (the bind would be, “I have to give this person up to another manager? They are really good. I want to hold onto them.” They may work to keep them in the role they are currently in.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the things you can control– make them fall in love with you. After all, no love… They are going to make you an offer, right?


Do you really think employers are trying to help you? You already know you can’t trust recruiters—they tell as they think you need to know to take the job they after representing so they collect their payday.

The skills needed to find a job are different yet complement the skills needed to do a job.

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