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Wasted (VIDEO)

Aaron Hernandez and his suicide awakened a reminder for me and hopefully for you.


Recently, I heard the news of Aaron Hernandez dying by suicide. My 1st reaction was what a waste. Use someone with so much – – championship football player. Maybe you'll notice this at some point when his name disappears but he was an All-Pro tight and the New England Patriots on championship teams, a great player who had a dark side where he was convicted of murdering someone, found innocent of murdering two other people, but still a convicted murderer. He was in prison when he killed himself.

I thought to myself, "What a waste to a life." He was a football player. What you getting all dramatic about?" I respect that opinion of yours. However, think for yourselves and the number of people who waste their lives in so many ways. Putting aside Hernandez, even though he is the trigger for my thinking here, so many people waste their lives doing meaningless things, purposeless things and getting fixated on the ridiculous, the nonsensical… You can see it every day online where you can see a discussion where people are arguing back and forth will never impact change. They will never change the mind of another person online and they will never affect public policy and get them to change their position.

I think of those folks and the people who sit in front of the TV or computer screen all day just doing the same thing, day in and day out , whose brains and lives are being sucked dry. They don't notice that they have been turned into factory workers (no disrespect to factory workers) like in the 19th-century, producing mindless drivel.

How many of us waste our lives that way?

I know there was a point when I was still working in recruiting and I came to realize how much I detested being put in the position by large corporations of passing on their pablum to job hunters and taking the heat for communicating what a large corporation wanted me to do.


For you folks there, when you look at your jobs and look at your lives, why? Why are you doing this? Could you have done better? I'm not criticizing you, but stopped for a moment and ask yourself , can you do better? What dream, what hope, what aspiration are you putting aside just for the sake of the check?

Again, I like checks! Checks are a great thing! But what aren't you doing that you could also be doing? What dream are you not living out because you being sucked dry? Don't put it aside because you never know when that day comes where your life ends. I'm not talking about suicide, just the fact that one day your life is going to end. Why put inside a moment longer? Why not take the shot, and do achieve really wanted to do, even if it's on the side and just go for it?,

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