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The Surprise Third Interview (VIDEO)

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What do you do when you have been led to believe or told that there would be two interviews and a decision and suddenly there is a third interview with a person who is your boss’ boss? I answer this question here.


The question someone posted a is, "I thought this is only supposed to be a 2 interview process and someone call me up today about a third interview that I didn't expect. I'm supposed to meet your boss's boss and maybe their boss, as well. What is this all about?"

There is probably something that they are concerned about and your potential future boss and their boss as an arbiter to help them make the choice. Maybe it is you and one other person that they have to choose between. My thinking is that they have a concern that has surfaced.

I would encourage you to reach back to HR or reach back to the hiring manager and simply say, "hey, I didn't realize there was going to be a third interview. Would you give me a sense of what the subject is to be that they are going to cover? Are there any concerns that exist with my background?" You're asking is not because you want to cause them to be worried because you're not They are going to tell you what the agenda is for your boss, your boss's boss and maybe their boss's boss.

Maybe they have a budget thing going on. Maybe there is something in your backgrounds given them “cause for pause.” Maybe there is something that you have said that has caused them to hesitate.

No matter, this is not a formality. You are right to recognize that there is a concern on their part.

Go in at your best. Be prepared. Be congruent with what you said previously and check with them about what the subjects will be that they will try to cover. That will go a long way to heading off any faux pas on your part that would cause you to lose that opportunity.

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