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Should I Email The Recruiter When They Miss an Interview With Me? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 740 Well, should you or is there another way?



Today's question is, "A recruiter missed the call with me for an interview. Should I email them to follow up?"

No. Don't email them. Call them! Call them on the phone and say, "we were scheduled to speak at 4 PM on Tuesday. I was there waiting for your call. Is everything okay?"

What you are trying to do is to flush them up to encourage them to respond. Before I go further, I just want to say that an employer would be will be emailing you if you missed an interview.. However, for you, your human being as human beings we want to connect person to person. They will have a degree of guilt. They may also say, "Oh! I'm so sorry. I had an emergency such and such occur. Whenever they cite the emergency situation, it is a lie. No emergency overwhelms the situation sufficiently that they can't send you a quick email and say, "I'm not could be able to make our call. Can we reschedule?" If they say something like this there telling you bull.

What you want to hear it in their tone of voice. You definitely call. You don't email.

If they don't respond to your call and there is nothing on their voicemail to say that they are out of the office indefinitely or that they are going to be out of the office for a few days, and they are not getting back to you, you can assume that something changed for them and that they are not considering you. When the position is suddenly come on hold (that's a different form of change but that's a different conversation).

At the end of the day, you have learned something about this person, not the company, but the person And whether or not you could trust them through how they respond to you when they call that you won't get from an email.

An email is impersonal and allows them to hide in certain ways I never encourage people to email to follow-up. I encourage you to call. Learned from the tone of voice and the behaviors and how apologetic they are.

I just had a speaking engagement cancel on me 2 weeks in advance. Stuff like this happens. The person who organized the event, send an email to me and also said I would like to schedule a Skype with you so that I can personally apologize and work on rescheduling. There was a nice way to handle it. The 1st thing was an email to let me know. She said she personally wanted to apologize to me; it was a nice way to handle it.

Hiding in an email is not good enough. You wasted your time. Find out directly from them.

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