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Run to It, Not From It (VIDEO)

Run to It, Not From It (VIDEO)

There is a quality that people run from WAY too often. People should run to it, not from it.


It fascinates me, who, over the course of my life, there has been one word that has been turned into a negative for which there is nothing wrong with it. The word is ambition.

When did ambition become a curse word that we are supposed to avoid? When did become bad to be ambitious?

I'm sure some people respond by saying that so many ambitious people do it on the backs of others. Yes, that is true. And so many ambitious people do it WITH others. So many ambitious people work hard and are driven to be successful, and are motivated to be effective so that they can achieve what their hearts really want them to, instead of allowing corporations and others to kind of make them sway in the wind, kind of like the leaf at the end of the movie, "Forrest Gump," that goes every which way.

Ambition is a quality to be adored, respected and encouraged, not hidden from. Unfortunately, culturally, at least in the US, I think ambition has been deleted from the vocabulary as something not to aspire to, or want.

Huge mistake.

It starts off internally by knowing what really "floats your boat." It is about knowing what makes sense for you, knowing what your aspirations are and working toward them.

Yes, there are people who will lie, cheat, steal to get ahead. You don't have to be that person and be ambitious. You can be a person who cares for others and has the ambition to help others and also wants to be successful professionally… That becomes ambition, too.

I encourage you – – don't run away! Acknowledge your ambitious qualities. Don't keep them hidden from yourself. Aspire to fulfill them. Work to fulfill them. Don't treat it like it's a disease to be eradicated.

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