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Is It Possible to Find a Job When You Are Over 60 (VIDEO)

A question from someone who is feeling discouraged about looking for work as someone who is over 60 years of age.


The question for today is, "Is it possible to get a job 60?"

MAN! I remember when I started recruiting and I wonder what happened to people when they got to be over 40! As time progressed, that became 50. Now the new number is 60.

I will simply say, "Yes. It is possible to get a job at 60." That's in the face of all the stuff that you are hearing about in the way of age discrimination.

Part of what happens is we start to believe (I'm over 60) the BS that is thrown at us as a rationalization for why we are turned down for jobs. Yes, there is discrimination AND What happens most of the time is that people who are older think they can coast away into an interview without adequate preparation and without doing any homework, wing it and think they can get a job. In fact, this is a competitive market and you're competing with people who are equally skilled or as well skilled as you ... This is not about age. This is about your performance on interviews.

Yes, I'm going to repeat it, there is discrimination just like when you were 24 they were choosing the 40-year-olds. I'm sure they were saying, "Hey! This person knows a lot more than the 24-year-old!" People live in interviews with opinions as to who is going to be effective in their organization. There's a way to prepare for this that will help you defeat the bias.

So simply say, "Absolutely! It is possible to get a job as someone who is over 60. It happens frequently these days." People who are over 60 are finding work. That's the fact of it. Get off the self-pity. Start preparing for interviews. Get yourself ready to perform at a high level.

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So the 1st thing you need to work on is your preparation and the 2nd variable is whether or not your skills are marketable. If you have ordinary skills, if you have commoditized skills, Skills that 1,000,001 people have, you will probably need to show flexibility about compensation, geography, and a host of other things.

Assuming that you have marketable skills/desirable skills for your market area or are willing to move to one where what you do is marketable as well, you will find the job. There is no question about it. You will find the job.

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