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Is It OK To Apply to Multiple Positions at the Same Company (VIDEO)

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Is It OK To Apply to Multiple Positions at the Same Company?

There are 3 possible scenarios I address with my answer.


The question for today is, "Is it okay to apply for multiple positions at the same company?" I have to make the answer textured because there are a lot of variables that aren't offer here.

1st of all, to get this out of the way, why are you applying to jobs? If you are applying to an applicant tracking system, you are in the great black hole, that system is that is not there to help you, yada yada yada. You can watch any number of my videos were I tell people never ever apply to a job to an applicant tracking system.

Since you want to do this, let me talk with you about the variables. Are you doing the application at the same time for these different positions? For example have you seen a group of positions today and want to apply it to them all? That's one variable. Another variable is that you employed from one job and 2 weeks later another position opened up, 3 weeks after that 1/3 position opens up… There is some space involved. Another one has you going in with a shotgun approach and you are applying for everything. You want to be an intern. You want to be chief operating officer. You want to be a lot of different things and you are just applying the heck out of this firm. Those of a few of the variables and will walk through them with you.

You are doing the shotgun approach. Don't do it. You're not qualified for most of positions you are applying for. All you are doing is acting like a spammer. Don't do it. Invariably, is someone I know wrote recently, they will take your resume, deleted, block it, and keep you from ever interviewing with their firm because you will be rejected as a "serial applier." I remember someone I interviewed on "Job Search Radio," said that to me. They worked in a medical facility and found these people a colossal waste of time.

Let's say there's a position open now and one that opens 2 weeks from now and another one, 3 weeks from now. Your background legitimately fits. By all means, apply because you don't know if there are different hiring managers involved who might see different things in your background. Don't apply for the 2nd or 3rd position. If you are ready interviewing for the 1st 1. Managers are not going to compete for you.

I want to repeat that. Managers are not going to compete for you.

All that happens is that HR notices this and asked themselves, "What are they doing? We have them in process now?" You turn people off when you do stuff like that.

I believe the 3rd alternative was that you were just going in and applying for 25 positions that have the open now. I spend a little bit differently the 1st time I presented the option but you get the idea. Pick the ones that you are best suited for. Do not, I repeat, do not apply to 25 different jobs. All you do is waste people's time and people look at you like you are an idiot.

I have given 3 alternatives. If you know of others, let me know.

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