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How Do You Make Time For an Interview When You Already Have a Job? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 704 This one stumps a lot of less experienced professionals.


So the question for today is," How do you make time for an interview when you're ready have a job?"

More and more companies to phone interviews initially, as part of the process. I'm not going to address that. I think you're all pretty bright and can handle that without me.I'm going to talk about the in person interview because those really take the most amount of time.

The 1st thing is to consider doing the interview before 9 or after 5 PM. Can you do this where you get into work a little bit late, But the interview starts (let's say the normal starting time will be 9), let's say the interview starts at 7:45 AM or 8 o'clock and you are arriving late. Once you arrive late. You basically use the, "the alarm didn't go off. I forgot to set last night. I hit traffic on the way in. The subway was delayed. My bus was in an accident." Stuff along those lines that allow you to explain your being late that particular day.

If you are addressing differently for the interview, I want to address a little bit better a day or 2 before. The next day you dressing in a normal way. And that's you just a little bit better on the day of the interview. Thus, when people take note of it, say, "We are going out tonight, "or "I'm going out tonight,,"

"Where are you going?" Be prepared with an answer.

If you are asked the next day how it went, "Oh, we wound up at the last minute change of plans." This way, you don't have to make an excuse about the interview..

You can always try the, "I wasn't feeling well." I had fever. I slept really well last night. Stuff along those lines that brings out the, "Oh, that's terrible. I feel bad for you" type of response. You can also leave early with the, "I'm not feeling well" excuse. this way, you're able to get out a little bit earlier.

You can also take the day off and tell them that you work from home today. Login remotely and then disappear.

For someone who is not a native of the country being listened to in, you might talk about going to immigration today. You might talk about going out for a long lunch hour and say, "I ran into someone who I haven't seen in 5 years. I spent all extra time with them. Please excuse my being late coming back.."

Taking time off isn't as difficult as people think it is. I'll simply say, if this is something that concerns you, practice your response to it, because you don't want to become nervous. That suggests that you're not telling the truth.

If you smile and say, "I just rented the summer haven't seen in 5 years. I just need to take time with them. Excuse for being late from lunch (Or coming in this morning a little bit late) but the likelihood of our running into one another again are so unusual because they live in (mention another part of the country) and you want to spend little time with them."

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