How Do I Write My LinkedIn Profile In a Way That Will Attract Recruiters


but without making my boss think I’m job hunting?


Today’s question is, “How do I write my LinkedIn profile in a way that will attract recruiters but not give my boss reason to think am looking for a job?”  The original question says but without making my boss think I’m looking for a job. S

So this is very easy question for me and let me just point out that the question involves a couple of parts.

The first part I will address is really the second part of the question – – without making my boss think I’m looking for a job.

To do this, you have to turn off notifications () this assumes that you’re actually connected with your boss on LinkedIn; if you are not connected to them, there is nothing to worry about.

Let’s assume that you are connected. You have to go to the privacy settings and turn off notifications to them. In this way, your boss is not notified of an update to your account.

Next, back to the profile itself and how to attract recruiters. So the way to attract recruiters is by thinking of LinkedIn as a search engine. You optimize your profile for that search engine to attract customers.

The way to do that is to think of SEO and, in your particular case, I want to research keywords that describe what you do and how do you do it.

  1. Look at open jobs on LinkedIn for positions of what you do.
  2. Look for common terms that are used. Don’t just think that because you use that language other people it. Rather, firms may use different language. Research on LinkedIn the job openings and research and on Indeed and SimplyHired for job openings for what you do. You’ll start to notice is that there are certain common threads to all the descriptions and what you’re looking for. What are the common terms used. Let’s say you look at 10 job descriptions and six of them use the same terms or descriptive phrases. Start incorporating those terms and descriptive phrases into your profile particularly in the summary area and in the description of more recent work.
  3. Make it easy for people to reach out to you by including your phone number and email address in the summary area of your profile. Recruiters love that because they don’t have to use an inMail to reach out to you you’ve made it easy for them to actually contact you rather than just having a better profile                                    [/spp-transcript]


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