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How Do I Overcome Self-Sabotage in Order to Find a Job? (VIDEO)

Self-sabotage is an interesting thing to identify as being the issue. Let me help you.


I received a great question and thought I would use it is my subject for today. The question is, "How do I avoid self-sabotage and find a new job?"

I think the answer to the question is in 2 parts.

1. Someone gave you this psychological label that I think is absolutely useless. Self-sabotage-- it's as though you're going into these interviews and actually trying to screw up. OR you have a deep-rooted psychological issue that is causing you to make these mistakes that are proving so costly. It isn't necessarily "self-sabotage," what it may be is that you don't really have a lot of experience interviewing and you need to improve.

You see what's happening in modern times is that there are a lot of labels they get thrown around conveniently that traumatized people. I think the label, "self-sabotage," is 1 of those labels. It causes people to think that the problems are deep-seated when, in fact, they might be something very simple. The simple solution to "messing up on interviews." Is practicing. How many times have you been practicing for interviews? When you think about practice and the impact of not practicing there is your real issue.

You see, we have all heard of the 10,000 hour rule the job hunters may have (maybe). a half hour of practice experience under their belts and think that they can "wing it." They screw up on the next one and they screw up on the next one and they screw up on the 3rd one and suddenly they have a label! The fact is, the issue is that they don't have experience.

I want to encourage you to get some experience interviewing. Work with friends. Join and practice answers to the interview questions we have there. You will go a long way toward eliminating this issue of being inexperienced or amateurish. I say "amateurish," because professionals practice.

Don't believe me? Look at every athlete at the Olympics. Look at every professional athlete. Successful amateurs – – they are all out there practicing! And you are not.

That's the big issue here. It is not some deep-seated psychological thing that is causing you to mess up. It is your lack of experience doing this and or amateurish behavior that says you don't have to do this.

Wake up! Start doing the work and you will start getting the results.

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