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How Do I Job Search When I Work in an Open Area (VIDEO)


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers a question from a job hunter about how to job search when you work in an open space floor plan.


I'm here with the question for a job hunter designed to help them, help you with your job search.

The scenario they present is very simple. They work in office with an open floor plan and, unfortunately, if you take the call or even respond to email, there are a bunch of people around them. How do you do a job search. When you work in an open space?

The answer is actually pretty easy , but I understand the fear involved of being caught. I used to work for an agency where, whenever someone wore suit, the joke would be, "Where is the interview today?" If someone walked off on their mobile phone to take a phone call, the assumption was that they were looking for another job. I know it sounds crazy but that's the mentality the recruiters have and frankly the mentality of a lot of people in their fear that someone is going to detect them.

Here are 3 things to do the really very easy.
1. Have email only sent to your personal account. Never have it sent to an office account.. Make sure that account exists on your phone. This way, you can respond to messages on your phone and is not going through the firm's server.
2. If phone calls are coming to your personal phone, never take the call when it comes in. That so you never have to say to someone, "Would you hold on for 2nd so I can walk to can speak privately." That statement basically tells everyone that is a call from recruiter or someone about a job. Instead, let the call going to voicemail and, from there, you want to be able to respond to that call before lunch and before 5. That's so that you respond to every message within 24 hours. You always want to be able to respond within that amount of time. Remember, you are competing with other people were also looking at being evaluated for these jobs. Put yourself in a position where you responding quickly but not instantly.
3. If you mistakenly take a call from someone, always respond by saying, "I would like to speak with you. But now really isn't a convenient time. Can I call you at____." then you suggest an alternate time. Sometimes, we make a mistake. We take the call. This is the perfect way to respond when it is at your convenience you can walk to that office to have the conversation, you can leave the building to have that conversation and not be caught.

Texting should only be used when scheduling something. If you're responding to someone you have their mobile number . But, at the end of the day, I would suggest avoiding text for initial contact. Once you have the relationship the other person, simply tell them, "I work in an open space and sometimes it is hard to speak freely. Is it okay if I text you?" Get their mobile number and start texting them you scheduling things.

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