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Do I Need to Use a Cover Letter? | Job Search Radio

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers a question asking whether you need to use a cover letter.


Is important to provide a cover letter well applying for a software engineering position?

I think I think the right answer is, "why wouldn't you use a cover letter?"

It's a sales opportunity. If you think it's just another chance to say, "I am forwarding my resume to you for the position of software engineer with your company. I believe will be an excellent fit for the position, " you are wasting your own time and you are missing the opportunity.

People tend to look a job hunting as to you. In fact, is a chance to sell yourself to an organization that you can perform a cover letter was just such a document. Resumes just such a document. Think of it as an opportunity to present you and your capabilities.

If you are uncertain, if you are frightened, if you are tentative, you are not selling. What you doing you showing that you don't have confidence in your ability to solve the organizations problem that there trying to fill. That is the tip off to them.

However, if you approach it, as I said, like a sales opportunity, to say, in effect, "Hey! Look at me! I can do what you want. This is what I have done along these lines." If you do that, it is a great tool.

Asking the question, just let me know you haven't really figure that out..

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