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A Few Points About Your Interview Goals

A Few Points About Your Interview Goals | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

Ep 669 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers reminders to you about your goals and objectives when you interview.



When you interview, whether it is a 1st or 14th interview, there is one basic goal that you have and that is to demonstrate the fit for what they are looking for and how you can deliver what they want from you.

But you need to extract information from them, too. You also need to take time before your interview to prepare questions for them other than, "Tell me about the job." You can't go into so much depth that you will make them feel like they're going through an inquisition. However, there are some things that you can ask along the way that will probe a little bit and is not designed to create an impression.

For example, if you understand my philosophy of interviewing, I have what I call, "The Single Best Question You Should Ask on Any Interview," that you asked before the interview really starts. There is a YouTube video by that title that you can watch.

I have another video that copes with the fact that when they ask you, "Do you have any questions for us," they already answered that at the beginning of the interview. Thus, I have another video that deals with questions that you can ask at the end to replace, "Tell me about the job."

I also want you to go open further. "What's your background? What was your experience like before you join this firm?"

"What does success look like for you from me?" That's a variation on the 2 previous questions I'm I would've asked before hand.

You want to have a list, just 3 or 4 questions in order to cover points. None of them should be about benefits. It will cover benefits of the time that you get the offer; at that point, you can ask them about their insurance coverage. For now, all insurance has to meet the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act. It is no longer a big complicated thing.

On benefits, which you really should care about or the ancillaries; do they pay a bonus; do they have a 401(k) plan and what kind of match do they offer. Things along those lines that can differ from firm to firm.

Ultimately, your game plan at the time of this interview is to create a great impression, leave them with ideas about you that are consistent with what your objectives are. Just to be clear, when you go into that interview and ask yourself, "what message do I want to communicate to them about my about me that will allow them to know that I am qualified for this role and I would be a great fit.

Conversely, you have to extract certain things from them that will allow them to know that you are evaluating them, too. Your questions have to be reasonable.

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