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So Why Should I Hire You? (VIDEO)


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains how to answer that tough interview question, “So why should I hire you?”


Today I'm going to talk with you about that tough interview, "Why should I hire you?"

This is actually the core question that every employer an interviewer is asking themselves as they are trying to make a decision between their different choices. Even if they don't ask you this outwardly, I'm going to give you a tactic for introducing it in the interview at the very end.

"Why should I hire you?"

"Well, from what you told me about the position, you are looking for someone with such and such type of background. This is what I've done along those lines."

Then you review your experience for them that fits that description. Then, he continued by saying, "The other thing I bring to this job is the motivation and drive to succeed within your organization."

If you are in sales, you can add in how you as a salesperson, stepped into a dying function and help turn around. If you manage the sales function, you can talk about how you helped an organization achieve numbers that had never been achieved before within the organization.

If you are an operations oriented positions, you can talk about how you stabilize the organization and helped them make money or save money.

Often, it is not a question that is asked. However, at the end of the interview, you might be asked, "So, is there anything else?"Or, if they haven't asked that question, and they are about to wrap up, you can ask, "Would you mind if I covered one more thing with you?" They will say, "Sure!"

"The question is, I'm sure you're asking yourself is 'So why should I hire you? What is going to be different about you than the other people that I meeting with who, I'm sure, are quite qualified?' " Again, you review your background that fits the job as they've described it to you, and continue by saying, "And, I'm motivated." Then you talk about your motivation, how it is played itself out in previous organizations and how you felt that organization the past make money or save money and how much. Then, you talk about how you want to do it for this firm.

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