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When A Company Wants to Give You a Written Test | Job Search Radio

This is a show about effort as manifest in a written test that a firm might give you.


Today and will talk with you about firms that give written tests.

Often, with experienced candidates (you been out of school for 5 years or more, 3 years or more) and the firm wants to give you a written test as part of the search process, you want to do it. But here's the mistake people often make-- you doing about 70 or 75% of your capabilities. On questions, you give good superficial answers, but you don't get to the texture or the real meat of your knowledge. The result is if you give 70 or 75% on answer, you are a 70 or 75% of the cabinet to a potential employer. They see people who were a little hungrier and put in real effort into answering the questions and they go with them and not you.

My reminder to you is don't sell yourself short, don't sell them short, give them 100% effort on your tests. Don't give them these halfway answers.

Give them all the detail that you can within the time frame work that you have to work with. This way, they can see how much you really know and start to really embrace. He was a candidate.

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