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What is a Professional Way of Asking a Hiring Manager to Give Me a Chance?

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The chance of anything working is very small and timing is everything.


I received a question from someone--" What is a professional way of asking the hiring manager to give me a chance?"

The real question is, "Why should they give you a chance?" That is going to depend on where you are in your interviewing with this firm as well as where they are in their interviewing of people. Let me approach this from their perspective because that's really the more important one.

If you were an early candidate, they are going to keep interviewing. After all, they have no interest in being "nice people" and giving you a chance because if you fail, the hiring manager puts himself or herself at risk. Why should they do that? That is ultimately the question to be able to answer in order to present this idea of them giving you a chance.

What is going to be at risk for you? I know it's at risk for them. They can fail if you fail. Since they put their job or career at risk, what are you taking a chance on in this equation? That you're going to fail? That is not enough because there was a big universe out there. They can find some would better experience than you have. That is the issue.

Again, if they are early in the search, this probably isn't anything that will work (a few months, certainly not a year because that just demonstrates that they are very fussy about who they want to hire), if they have been at this for 2 months and they are still interview, they may have discovered (or you may be able to explain to them) that what they are looking for may be a needle in a haystack and what you are willing to do is come on board at a lesser salary, demonstrate your effort, passion, hunger to do this well, maybe you pay for training to get yourself up to speed in the perceived efficiency you have, and that you really want to do this. Maybe they will let you puppy dog with someone who can provide you with oversight to help get you up to speed.

Whatever it is, you have to put some effort. But again, like I said, if this is the beginning of their search or have been engaged in it for a ridiculously long period of time, forget about it! There is nothing in it for them.

There is that sweet spot in the search between them being at the beginning have going on for a long time where you have that possibility. Even then, the odds are very very small because their career is at risk.

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