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What’s the Probability of Two Dice Coming Up With Different Numbers? (VIDEO)

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains how to answer this brain teaser, “What is the probability of two regulation dice coming up with different numbers?”


We are going to do 1 of those fun hedge fund questions. Let's see how you do. You have a pair of dice. They are regulation. Perfect. Un-tampered with.What is the probability that you are not going to roll a pair?

We start by trying to figure out what the possible combinations are that might exist. How many different sorts of numbers might exist. The answer is 36, by the way.. Then we start looking at the number of possible pairs that we have. 1 and 1.. 2 and to. 3 and 3. You get the idea. 6 possible pairs.

6/36 is 1/6 Is the probability of rolling a pair. If 6/36 is the probability of rolling the pair, that means that 5/6 is the probability of not rolling a pair.. You have is 5/6 probability of not rolling a pair.

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