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The Second Easiest Way to Negotiate a Higher Salary | Job Search Radio

You may have heard my show last week about the easiest way to negotiate a higher salary. This is the second easiest.



Let's assume that you tried my easiest way to negotiate a higher salary for yourself and they said no. At that point, you reveal the fact (just do a quick review, easiest way to negotiate a higher salary is to start by saying, "Wow! That's a pretty good offer. I'd like to think about it a little bit." In their mind, they start getting nervous. You then try to get them to do "a touch better." There's a detailed presentation, if you watch the video.)

The 2nd easiest way is responding to their rejection of the easiest way, if you do, this is when you reveal that you have another offer. If you don't, and you're planning on turning this down anyway, you can still talk about having another offer because you have nothing to lose. If you have nothing, it's up to you as to whether or not you want to bluff

If this isn't good enough for you, bluffing incurs no loss. Bluffing, if you were to take the offer, can't risk them saying, "okay, take the other offer." And you grasping to get the offer back. And they go away and you look like a fool .

The 2nd easiest way is revealing that you have another job offer, it is for X number of dollars, you prefer their job to that one. "Why do you do that? Can't you be flexible?" The other one is a good job with a good firm, too . But, at the end of the day, when I go to the bank, they want me to have enough money to live on. They don't want me going into debt. The result ones of being. I do have to take money into consideration in their offer is. About $7500 more than yours.. Could you at least match that one?"

Often there to make it seem like a big deal and will be so hard that the earth will need to apart and working you need to get a lot of OKs from different people. "That's okay, because the other firm wants a decision by…" You tell them a date 2 days out. "They have been waiting patiently. They understand I have an interest in this job but they are starting to put pressure on me and I have stalled them for 2 more days. When you believe you can get back to me? Because if I don't have a decision in 2 more days I am to take the other offer."

What that does is turn everything around so it's no longer on you and it's on them. If they match that number or match the number you told him you will accept, whatever it is, you take the job.

So the text 2nd best way is to reveal that you have another job offer at just the right moment.

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