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The Executive Presentation Interview (VIDEO)

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The Executive Presentation Interview

I outline the 10 minute presentation and how to get ready for it.


I have been coaching someone recently who is up for a very senior role and he is been asked to do presentation to the senior leadership of the organization. 10 minutes. That's it. He will be doing is via Skype and need to be prepared for his presentation. I thought this would be a good subject for many of you for how to do this kind of an interview because you are going to face this pretty regularly.

Here are a few pointers.
1. The visuals. What is the wardrobe you're going to be wearing? You want you and your presentation to pop. You want to stand out. What can you where that will make you look like a star? You're being seen as a potential leader in an organization and need to look like a leader in an organization.
2. In 10 minutes time, you don't have room for 45 slides, do you? If anything, you want to demonstrate that you have done your research, while, at the same time, getting on with the subject. Invariably, when you are doing this presentation, they are giving you a topic that they want you to cover. It's almost like free consulting for them. There is an expectation that you are (a) competing with other people but (b) you are giving them advice about how to go forward in the business as you see it. You can't go into 45 slides. You have to narrow it down to a few basic points . Yet, at the same time, demonstrate that you have done your homework. For example, you use opening slides to talk about whatever public numbers are available about whatever organization you are interviewing with BUT basically blow through them while demonstrating that you have done your homework. For example, in one case that I coach not long ago, the idea was to very simply say, "These are some of the slides that I have been able to find that demonstrate your organization and where it has come from, these are your demographics that I've been able to find publicly, these are a few of the things I believe you're doing extremely well." From there, you talk to the leadership about a few the positive things that they been doing very well.

3. From there, subsequent slides are only about a few points. From there, in total, 8 or 10 slides tops. Each slide may have 3 bullet points but is making one significant point that you are going to emphasize. You might make the three points recessed a little bit but the dominant one is a bold in the center. In this way, the point that you are making is very clear, while at the same time they can see the secondary objectives of the slide visually in front of them.

4. You are going to be talking about these things in the idea is that you will finish on time. Give them 30 seconds for questions at the end. The idea is that you are making your points and remembering that is not just what you say that matters; you are being seen as a leader of the organization. It's how you tell the story that's going to be important.

Remember, when push comes to shove, you've got 10 minutes. You have the time to cover a 500 page book in 10 minutes, do you?ore you have to make a few basic points, not giving away the store but, at the same time getting all the major items.

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