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The Card Game Brainteaser (VIDEO)

In this video, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter poses a fun hedge fund brainteaser question set in a casino.


I want to bring you 1 of those hedge fund brainteaser questions that are designed to frustrate you, annoy you… And this 1 is an easy one.

Let me give you the scenario. You're at a casino. There's a card game that you're gonna play with the typical deck of 52 cards. The way the game works is if the dealer gets to black cards, it goes into their pile. If you get to read cards, they go into your pile. If there is a black and a red, they go into the discard pile.

The casino says to you, "How much do you want to play this game for?" Indirectly, you are being asked, "How much do you want to win?" "How much are you willing to put at risk?"

The question comes down to, "do you think you can win this?" Do you think you can wind up with more cards than the dealer here?

The answer, interestingly enough, is, "No." No matter what you do because of the discard pile, you and the dealer are always going to wind up with an identical number of cards. There's no point in playing the game. Thus, the amount that you want to wager is 0. After all, what's the point of sitting there for long periods of time, knowing that no matter what you do. You can't win anything and you can't lose anything?

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