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Should I Get Another Degree? | Job Search Radio

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I answer a question that was directed to me about whether to pursue an additional college degree.


"I am getting a BS, BA with a specialization in information systems technology with the goal of working in the tech sector. Should I specialize in finance, as well? What it is a great deal of value?" There is a small note between the question. "My goal of work in finance after graduation has changed."

I'm going to assume that the goal of working in finance has disappeared. The person has become more interested in working in tech, much more than working in finance.

What I will simply say is, "No. Don't go for the additional major." It is completely irrelevant for your goals. If finance happens to be something that really interests you, do it. However, I think there is a point where you hit overload and overkill. The idea of getting an education in things that are secondary, tertiary or unimportant to you is unnecessary.

Get to work on preparing yourself for your career after graduation. Work at getting yourself some great internships. Part of that is that the idea of testing out your beliefs about working in technology.

So often, students have fantasy ideas about what is really like to work and particular fields. You're better off using your internship to explore your notions and to see whether this is something that would really make sense for you.

Again, to answer succinctly, if your goal is not to work in finance, don't bother.

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