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Body Language That Shows You Know Your Stuff (VIDEO)

In this video, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains hello to exhibit a form of body language that presents you as an expert.


I want to give you a body language tip today that will help you present yourself in a very authoritative and very powerful way. When most people go on an interview they feel a little revved up. If the role, it's important, it's their career. Or they go the exact opposite route and become a little hesitant.

What I learned a long time ago (you don't know me from when I was much younger so you don't know this about me). There was a point where he spoke very quickly with a lot of intensity. It was just how I felt and conducted myself at that time as part of my behavior of youth.

What I learned over the course of time is that if you want to sound in command, it if you want to send authoritative you don't need to speak quickly. If anything what you need to do is speak with certainty and with purpose and slow your speech down. In addition, lower your voice a bit. So instead of speaking a mile a minute and going on and on and on about whatever the question is, what you do is slow down a little bit and start talking, not as loudly but with certainty and firmness in her voice.

This is a skill that may require practice on the part. It may not be intuitive. However, if you think of the times in your life where you been in complete command, you haven't been going a mile a minute. What you been doing is speaking with the force that comes with your presence, bearing and command that allows people to know with certainty that you know what you're talking about.

That's a way to conduct yourself on an interview. Not as a hyperactive 8-year-old but with the firmness… I'm not saying that you conduct the entire interview this way, but their points we can talk about your experience where the ideal thing is to say, "When I walked into this organization, these were some of the challenges that we faced." You start listing the individual items.

Then very calmly and with a lot of certainty and complete conviction, speak about what you did to resolve the issues.

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