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Adapt! (VIDEO)


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses what to do when a company makes a change to the schedule.


I was at a weekend retreat with a number of people and there was an interesting episode that happened here that I believe would be helpful for job hunters. What happened was that there was a change in the schedule that happened that hadn't been done before.. I need to go through the details of the change, but the short version is that there was a change. The result was that a lot of people when the being concerned, worried and expressing their concern and worry.

It reminded me of times where you are going to go on an interview and there's going to be a change to the outline of schedule that you been given,. The program that you are expected to do, anything. That's okay.

You can fixate on, "Oh my goodness. They changed! All my! All mine!" You can freak yourself out about it or you just go with the flow because, the fact of the matter is, things do change. Even in your work, right? It's not exactly a linear path to success, is it? There are things that happened when you have to adapt. The change to your schedule will allow you to demonstrate that you can adapt.

Go with the flow. Don't freak yourself out. Just make the best out of a surprising situation.

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