Is This All There Is?

In this personal video, I encourage you to use your life wisely.



This video is real simple one. It’s a reminder. For many adults, I see that, time and again, they stopped experimenting with different things. They are in a rut and they don’t realize it four years.

They get up in the morning, go to work, come home, and a couple of drinks (if you are younger, smoke a joint), you watch TV, you go to sleep, repeat again.

You do that Monday through Friday, maybe Friday night you go out, Saturday you catch up on some errands, Sunday is variable depending upon the number of things… It’s a lot of repetition of the same things without a lot of thought for what you are doing anymore because she’s developed the habit that will cause you to wake up one day and ask yourself, “Is this all there is?”

Is my life all about doing the same repetitive things over and over and over again?

I have done videos before about this. I think one of them is called, “The Box” and “The Box Part 2,” (I know I’ve written articles about this) where I point out that you have been conditioned since the time you were young to behave this way.

After all, from the time you were little, you are brought to school, put it in desk, told to shut up and do what you told or else you wouldn’t get into a good college. Once you got into college you were told to shut up and do what you were told or else you will get a good job. Once you got that good job, you were told to shut up and do what you are told or else you might get fired. And one day you wake up in your fire anyway and start to wonder, “Is this all there is?”

For a lot of you, that is the big question. Is this all there is?

It doesn’t really have to be that way I’m not going to ask you to divorce your wife, husband or get rid of her partner and/or kids. I’m not can ask you to quit your job today.

There is a way of working with a coach to play bigger and get out of that confined space that you are in and get out of that confined space that you live in (the box) and enjoy life more.

If you are interested in me being your coach, I would love to help you. Email me at I would love to work with you. But at the end of the day, the important thing is waking up and realizing that your life is going to and for you at some point. You may not think it’s coming soon, but your remember those voice, you really here this voice reminding you that a lifetime is not a long time. We like to think of ourselves as being immortal, but life has a way of showing us how foolish we are to hold on to that belief about ourselves.

Don’t be foolish. Use your time wisely. Let me coach you or get someone else to coach you but let’s get rolling because, at the end of the day, I want this life to be worthwhile for you.



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