Add All the Numbers Between 1 and 100

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains how to answer this tricky hedge fund brainteaser, add all the numbers between one and 100.



I love and hedge fund brainteaser questions…NOT!

We can spend a lot of time discussing whether they are valid or not but they are used.

Today’s question is one of those fun ones– a math problem.

Add all the numbers between one and 100 and what you get?

You can’t just sit there and have a mental column in your head and start going 1+2 is 3+3 is six… On and on and on until you get to the answer. So how do you figure this out?

If you think about it, every number has a reciprocal opposite number that adds up to 100. For example, one and 99, two and 98… You get the idea.

When you realize that there are 50 gatherings that total 100, you have 5000 there (remember, there is 100+0).

There is one number that doesn’t have a pairing – – 50. So the answer becomes 5050.

There’s always a trip to the question of interest, especially with the math ones. In this particular case, this is the trick to answering this question.



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