What Are The Things Recruiters Search Online About Someone Before Recruiting Them (VIDEO)

What do recruiters look for? It’s really very simple. Don’t over complicate it.


What are the things recruiters search for online before they try to recruit someone? I think this is a good question and I want to start by saying a lot of people confuse what a recruiter is, a lot of people confuse will recruiter’s work is. Let me distinguish between categories.

Employment agent is someone who responds to resumes that are sent to them. A recruiter is someone who goes out and hunts for talent. They find people who may or may not be actively looking for a job. Let’s work with that definition of a recruiter.

What is a recruiter looking for when they are searching online for someone? What they have is a job description. A client has defined what it is they want to hire. They want someone with a particular background, right?

What does the recruiter do? Well, they start off by trying to find people who fit that particular requirement. They run a very tight search.

If the client starts off saying they need people with these 15 particular skills, they are running a search that specifies these 15 different items. This way, when they contact someone, they have a reasonable probability of success.

When they are looking at the LinkedIn profile, since that’s what I’m sure you’re referring to, they are looking for something that demonstrates congruence with what the client is looking for. Let me repeat that. They are looking for something in your LinkedIn profile that demonstrates congruence with what the client is looking for.

Plus if the information is very old, if the information and skills listed in your profile have not been updated since William Jefferson Clinton was president of the United States, it is less likely that the client or the recruiter is going to be impressed with the background. They want to see recent information.

They are looking for something that demonstrates subject matter expertise. What makes this person stand out from all the other people who they find online or through any other means (like referrals)? What makes this person right for our organization?

Before calling them, they want to feel like they have a reasonable probability that the client will be interested and excited in this person. That’s up to you as the job hunter rest person who is online displaying themselves to others… To provide that value if they are looking at your profile or find you through Google.

Don’t just sit there passively. Think to yourself, “this is what I do. This is what I am exceptional at. What makes me stand out?”

You can use powerpoints using slideshare and connect them to the LinkedIn profile. You can create videos. You can create regular with audios on Anchor.fm where you are talking about something for two minutes or less and then link it to your LinkedIn profile.

There are a lot of things that, if you start thinking creatively, you can promote yourself as an expert. With time w,ith regularity, you will be seen as someone better than the pack.

So, again, we are looking for congruence with what you claim to have expertise in.


Do you really think employers are trying to help you? You already know you can’t trust recruiters—they tell as they think you need to know to take the job they after representing so they collect their payday.

In addition, they are looking for subject matter expertise – – what makes this person stand out from all the other people who they find online or through any other means (for example, referrals).

The skills needed to find a job are different yet complement the skills needed to do a job.

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