Trusted Adviser

You’ve worked hard to get to the point of receiving a job offer.

Maybe you re-worked your resume a few times.

Went to interview upon interview, not to mention the phone interviews you had with the four firms.

You’ve received a job offer but something doesn’t seem right.


or maybe something went incredibly right and you’ve received multiple job offers and they’re all good!

And as you talk to your wife, husband or partner, your friends and business colleagues, one thing is very clear . . . there is a reason to take any of them!

Which do you choose?


Or maybe you are someone who is being hammered by two recruiters to take the position they set you up to interview for. There’s this recruiter you don’t like but their job is a good one . . . but so is the one the other recruiter is representing.

Each will take you down a different path.

Which offer do you choose?


Maybe you need to juggle two situations so they time out well for that severance you’re expecting soon.


There are what seems like a million nuances to a job search. You’re expert at what you do but not at job hunting. Hire someone you trust to help you with these decisions and the million more you’ll face.

What you need is a knowledgeable and trusted adviser, a role I have played for many people for years..


Schedule time for us to sit down and talk about your job offers or situation knowing that I am working for you and not for a placement fee.


You’ll receive objective advice and great questions that relies upon my experience in recruiting, my Masters in Social Work, my psychoanalytic training and experience, my knowledge of the search process, all those interviews I’ve done and negotiations I’ve been involved with.


“All I can say is, ‘WOW!’ I am relieved”

“You gave me much more than I expected.”

“Your advice made all the difference to me.”