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You Can Fix Stupid and Other Thoughts About Hiring: No B. S. Hiring Advice”

How’s your hiring process? Are you happy with it? Are you happy with all the time you waste? Are you attracting enough of the right people?

Often, the ability to hire is interfered with by policies, practices and behaviors that interfere with it.

You Can Fix Stupid” is no BS hiring advice from me, a 40+ year veteran search professional and more. Jeff has his MSW from Fordham University in New York and has done psychoanalytic training.

He is the host of “Job Search Radio” and other podcasts, has written 8 ebooks about job search, created more than 1000 videos about job hunting and hiring, and publishes both No B., S. Job Search Advice and No B. S. Hiring Advice ezines.

These are various thoughts, observations and opinions about hiring that come from experience in recruiting and interacting with corporate recruiters and hiring managers alike over 40+ years

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“No B.S. Resume Advice: How Does Yours’ Measure Up?”  for Kindle

Writing a resume is a difficult experience for most people . . . and it shows. Most I read are awful. They just don’t measure up.

On a typical Monday morning, I arrive to 175 – 225 new resumes and, if I’m lucky, two may vaguely fit what a client is looking for.

They are visually unappealing, contain too much of the wrong information and do little to present someone’s credentials well enough to get an interview for the job the resume has been submitted for.

“No B. S. Resume Advice” is exactly that– no b. s. resume advice.

It contains specific actionable things to do to get better results from your resume.

I want to be clear; I can’t help someone who is a beginner submit a resume and wind up in the C suite. That’s a promise that would be BS.

What this book will do is explain how to write a resume or how to polish a resume that will help get more interviews for you.

Who am I?

I am someone who at the time of this publication has evaluated more than 500000 resumes, filled more than 1200 full time positions PLUS consulting assignments, am the host of “Job Search Radio,” have published 7 ebooks about job search plus bi-weekly ezines about job search and hiring (you can receive a complimentary subscription to either or both at

In addition, if you order this book, you will receive $25 off a resume critique by me. There is a special link referred to in the ebook to use to get the discount).