Organizing Your Job Search with Outlook

5 Tips to Using Outlook Effectively When Job Hunting


Many use Microsoft Outlook in their offices but have you thought of using Outlook in job search?

Here are a few quick tips for using Outlook to your advantage in a job search:

Use the Contacts area to keep track of every ad you respond to. Enter the name of the person and their company in the appropriate field of the contact form and copy and paste the ad into the body of free-form notes field.

Set reminders for follow ups instead of relying upon your memory. I have a very good memory but I sometimes make mistakes by relying upon it. Outlook won’t let you forget about those things to follow up on.

Send resumes at times when people will read them. It’s good that you are looking for job leads at 1 AM or on the weekend. If you send your resume then it may get lost in the recipient’s inbox lost behind other resumes that arrived more recently. Use Outlook to delay sending your resume to normal business hours in the time zone of the recipient. To do that, when you have your message open, click on Options, then Do Not Deliver Before and set the date and time.

Use Tasks for those ideas that pop into your head.

Use the message area of your email like a cover letter. No one opens an extra file beyond the resume file when they receive an email. Use the message area of your email like a cover letter and tell the reader about how you fit the job you are applying for.


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